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Dear worthy friends

Heartiest welcome to this website with belief that your hunt has finally taken you to a place where you are bound to feel ‘satisfied’ & in a position to make a right ‘choice’. But, before I humbly put my words I should like you to ask a simple question, What is it that makes you choose a school for your child or to you which school is a ‘good school ’? Is it the big and grand building with signing name plates or boards or the result that it flashes in the end of every academic session, or both or something else ? Well, I do respect your ‘reasoning’ with all modesty and fell myself exalted while addressing your sincerely as the Principal of the school  this website belongs to. My studentship matured when I preferred teaching job and teacher ship bloomed when I was promoted to lead as Principal. Time thus gave me ample opportunity to serve, understand, revise and devise more propitious circumstances for the gracious growth of seceding generation each year.
Now, here is the gist of my experience of 22 years:

  1. A big building or a big name does not necessarily mean a good school.
  2. Sometimes, result also proves dubitative or misleading.
  3. And does high fee structure assure you that everything is OK.

Then, what are the things that help one to assess a school? In my opinion, a school, since, plays very vital role in molding an individual life, it must be set in quiet and peaceable atmosphere; in an accommodation facilitating definite easy physical and mental growth. As school is ‘live show’ of conscious activities, it must crave for a crew full of compassion and harmonious blend of logic and science too. Again as material existence rests on financial soundness so that also must be reasonably befitting to average pocket. GRK DAV public school promises to provide your
Eco friendly accommodation

  1. Almost Parental Care
  2. Affordable fees
  3. A healthy child with a soul replete with human values in the end.

We render services, sincerely to nurture genius. We keep the door of this temple open to admit true seekers of knowledge and sanskar.

Join us in the making of a bright, cultured and civilized generation.

Principal ( Mr.N.K.Das Guru)


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