Scholarship to talented Children of Weaker Section

Talented children from the weaker sections of the society are given scholarship. Such scholarship is limited to 5% of the total strength of the school. Interested parents may apply to Chairman through the principal. Normally, scholarship is awarded on the basis of marks obtained by student in the annual examination conducted by the school. Scholarship is awarded to students on the basis of outstanding performance in academics, conduct and behavior.

Semester vacations and Leave:

The School session  starts in April and concludes in March. There are two semesters in a session, the first semester from April to September and Second semester from October to March.

There are two vacations – Summer and Puja. Summer Vacation is generally of six weeks from second week of May to last week of June. Puja Vacation is normally of one month in October.

No leave is granted during term except under very urgent circumstances or in case of marriage of students real brother & sister or in case of sacred – Thread ceremony of the student.

Application for leave to attend marriage ceremony (in the family one) should accompany a marriage invitation card. Parents must stick to the leave rules in the larger interest of the students and help the school to maintain proper discipline and regularity.

Leave for any medical consultation of students arranged by parents will be granted only on the recommendation of the school Medical officer.

Registration Number:

Every Student who is admitted will be allotted a Registration number / Admission Number which will remain the same throughout his / her stay in the school.
Parents are requested to refer to this number in all their correspondence with the school.

Personal File:

The school will maintain a personal file for each student as a cumulative record of his / her development in all spheres of schooling. A glimpse of the personal file will give child’s personality graph on the time scale.

Photographs :

Affix one passport size recent photographs on the admit card and one on the application form for registration at the space provided for pasting photographs. Two additional passport size photographs will be needed at the time of admission.

Progress report:

Parents will be kept well informed of the academic progress of their wards and their participation in co-curricular activities.

Examination & Promotions:

The school session is divided into two semesters. Each semester is of 100-120 working days. The school holds one terminal tests and one Final Examination. Besides these tests the school conducts three unit tests.  Promotion to the higher class is given on the basis of cumulative performance of the student. The school also lays stress on regular periodic class tests and home assignment.